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My Gym Teacher is an Alien OverlordMy Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord

by David Solomons

Primary List 2017-18

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Addi from Year 6:

I absolutely loved my Jim teacher is an alien overload. It was amazing my favroute chapter is number 1. I would definitely recommend this book. it is 5 star.

Marks out of 10: 10

Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

Meet Luke- the envious 11 year old boy that all he wants in the entire world are exceptional distinctive superhero powers ; plus friends due to the fact his only one is a brainless simple minded French student named Serge! However, an unexpected spike of evil erges Luke to take action on the most powerful, scary super villain in the word...his gym teacher? Crazy right? As temper flares, heart stopping evidence is uncovered, romance fills the air and the powers of Dark Flutter and Star Lad ( a.k.a Luke's brother Zack and next door neighbour Lara) boil, will the team overcome alien overload, a TV show explosion and new unexpected tremendous technology along the way...? What? I won't tell you - find out in the spectacular 'My Gym Teacher Is An Alien Overload'! I particularly enjoyed this book due to its comedic story line which is very relatable to the majority of school children across the country! Who wouldn't believe their teacher is an alien when given piles of homework each night and death brushing punishments? As well as that, it covers a new creative area that I do believe will fill many minds with new ideas for technology that could be created in the future ( remote controls to boss people and mute them)! However at points the overload of characters, names, places etc became too much for me and I had to put the book down to digest what was going on! I prefere books that are simple but interesting ( a page turner not a fact explosion like this one)! One the other hand, I would give this book a 7 because of its relatable creative story line but lower marks due to too much information ( if I couldn't handle it at some points I don't know what a younger student would do)! Future superheroes , evil villains or just creative writers all over earth- your guide for life fighting evil crime is here!!!

Marks out of 10: 7

Cara from Year 4:

A fantastic sequel to My Brother Is A Superhero. Luke is really jealous of his nerdy brother Zack otherwise known as Star Lad, who saved the world from a asteroid and a villain. Now everyone loves Star Lad. A bitter Luke makes his self feel better by playing video games and destroying the video version of his brother. This sets off a series of events involving his dreaded gym teacher, that could destroy earth. Can Luke save the world without super powers? Although its not essential to read the first book to fully enjoy this story, I would recommend reading the first book to understand the back story. This a great book if like me, you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy. Though this book is silly, it showed the character's emotions well. I understood comic book loving Luke's frustration when his brother refused to let him be part of the super hero team. His brother didn't even care about comic books and super heroes! I liked all the characters even the evil ones were good at being bad! I can't wait to read the next book!

Marks out of 10: 10


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