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by Jamie Littler

2021 Shortlist

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Kienna from Year 6, Saltersgate Junior School:

When I first started reading this book I had no idea what was going on but when I got into it I started to get it and it was very interesting. Frostheart is about a boy named Ash and he's a song Weaver. A lot of people don't like song Weaver's so Ash is pretty much alone. He doesn't know how is parents are and is stuck with a lullaby. He has guardian, Tobu (who is a yeti) and he trains Ash for stuff. Sooner or later he meets a girl Lunah who is brave and turns out to be Ash's friend. Ash soon goes on a ship to find his parents but it doesn't go as expected. I rate this 8/10

Marks out of 10: 8