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Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Roald Dahl

2021 Classics List

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Isabella from Year 7, Healing Academy, Grimsby:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Such a classic. This book is great for young readers aged 9 and over.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the tale of a boy who wins a competition to go to an amazing chocolate factory! This book is an incredible story that will make your mouth water as you get so in depth with this book. If you think that this book cold be for you...Why not give it a go?!

Marks out of 10: 8

Olivia from Year 6, Saltersgate Junior School:

I absolutely loved this book when I read it and I definitely think that it is better than the movies! My favourite character is obviously Willy Wonka as he is an amazing and original character and Dahl did such a good job when creating this character. I also think it puts into perspective how some poor people do live and how hard it can be for some people. Overall I would recommend this book for anyone (even if you don’t like reading).

Marks out of 10: 10

Kienna from Year 6, Saltersgate Junior School:

Once again Roald Dahl makes another creative book for everyone to read.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about a boy called Charlie Bucket and he's pretty poor.Theres also a man named Willy Wonka who put out a competition for people to win a golden ticket to go to is chocolate factory.But there's one thing,the golden tickets will be hidden in a chocolate bar and only five get to go.And only one will get the prize at the end....1010

Marks out of 10: 10

Francheska from Year 5:

This was outstanding. My favourite part was when they all go to the factory and have the tour and get into lots of trouble. I love Violet who turns violet after eating the gum. Roald Dahl is very funny. I go to Travis CE Primary in Hatfield.

Marks out of 10: 10