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Disgusting Doncaster - Live at the Cast Theatre!

14 April 2017 View Event Photos

Heritage Lottery Fund - Lottery FundedEarlier this year, ten schools were visited by Talegate Theatre Productions to take part in ‘Disgusting Doncaster’ workshops as part of the Doncaster Book Award. Pupils learnt all about the history of Doncaster and devised sketches to form part of the ‘Disgusting Doncaster’ play. At the end of each day, pupils performed for friends and parents.

‘Disgusting Doncaster’ then went on to appear at the Cast theatre over Easter. You can view a video of the play (requires YouTube access).

Educators can also download materials to work with their children.

Feedback from the drama days was very positive, showing the lasting impact of the activities. Here are a select few quotes...

“Everyone had a great time learning new skills and discovering about Doncaster. We have just taken part in a poetry competition facilitated by Doncaster Racecourse and the children remembered the facts about the St Leger and one student actually won the competition. The competition was run to celebrate Doncaster’s racing history and Local Community History Month, our students used your book extensively.”
(Armthorpe Academy)


“The children were totally engaged in the workshop and we had a good number of parents view the final performance. The impact has been lasting - the children remember many of the facts they learned during the day and often return to the ‘Discover Doncaster’ book, even using it on a weekly basis to find a fact for their school radio show!”
(Hexthorpe Primary Academy)


“The children gained lots of knowledge about the history of Doncaster, and now sometimes come out with some of the facts, a favourite being that the loo was invented by Thomas Crapper. They sing the ‘DanumCaster’ song too so it's definitely gone in and stayed in!”
(Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School)


“The students definitely learnt a lot about the history of Doncaster – as I walked around the groups I heard, several times, comments such as ‘I didn’t know that about Doncaster Markets/the River Don...’ They really engaged with the drama company and loved performing with them at the end.”
(Sir Thomas Warton Academy)

The tour was made possible through funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Photos from the Event