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Snow Stoppers Travel to a Narnia Winter Wonderland

29 December 2017 View Event Photos

Panto in a Day with Talegate Theatre Company, 29th December 2017

On a very cold and snowy Friday morning a group of stalwart Doncaster Book Award followers braved the elements and arrived at the Doncaster Little Theatre for our annual “Panto in a Day”.

This year we chose one of our classic fantasy books to base our performance on, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

Firstly the actors fromTalegate began to break the ice by finding out just how much our discerning participants knew about the story... and it was quite a lot!

A very apt wintry backdrop featuring the White Witch’s castle in the distance dominated the stage and thanks to the brilliant lighting technicians a very cold wintry scene was created.

Ironically the first scene worked on would end up as the last scene in the pantomime... the dance finale “We Built This City”. This proved a very vibrant routine with lots of high fives, dabs and easily executed splits!

We then moved on to create a forest scene with whispering trees that increasingly became more menacing and scary; this led into the introduction to the main characters of the story, the Pevensies, Mr and Mrs Beaver, Mister Tumnus, the White Witch and of course Aslan.

After a brief break for lunch we resumed learning different scenes having been split into three groups. One group acted out their scenes which included the creatures of Narnia being turned into statues. Another group recreated the wardrobe, with Edward being lured into Narnia. This part included the classic Panto scenario of “It’s behind you...” — “Oh no it isn’t...” — “Oh yes it is...” for good measure! An excited bunch of children were soon ready to perform the whole Pantomime and show off all their hard work to a packed auditorium.

We started with a forest coming to life, quietly at first then progressing to a cacophony of noise with spectacular lighting effects giving the opening scene lots of atmosphere. The next scenes took us on our journey through the frozen land of Narnia with the climax a being a battle with the White Witch and eventually releasing the creatures of Narnia from her icy grip and enabling everyone to join in the triumphant dance scene at the end.

Tremendous thanks go to Talegate Theatre and their array of superb actors, and to Doncaster Little Theatre staff for their support throughout the day, but most of all to the children who took part who were all amazing!

Lesley Hurworth

Chair DBA

Photos from the Event