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Don Valley & Ridgewood Students Bond over this Year’s Shortlist

On Friday, 9th January, students from Ridgewood School Readers’ Group came to Don Valley for a drama workshop based on this year’s shortlist.

For some of the students, this was their first time for this type of event, while some of the others are now veterans! However, what was very noticeable on the day was how quickly the two school groups bonded - volunteering right from the first activity to work and perform in mixed groups.

The effect of this in terms of building confidence in the students taking part cannot be overstated, it was a real pleasure for the staff involved.

Here are some comments from the students themselves:

Jordan, Y8, Don Valley: "I liked all of it because it was fun and social. It brought the best out in me."

Sarah, Y7, Ridgewood: "I made new friends with some of the Don Valley children and I found this will help me with my team work."

Thomas, Y7, Ridgewood: "I thought today was very good and enjoyable. It was very exciting and it helped my confidence."

Jessica J, Y8, Don Valley: "We made new friends and I achieved more confidence in my drama skills".

Obviously, as well as encouraging social interaction and building confidence, another key element of the day was to encourage the students to read and discuss the shortlist titles. As ever, it proved really effective at persuading students to try books they may not otherwise want to read.

Erin, Y7, Ridgewood: "I would never pick Born to Run before but now I can’t wait to read it!"

Rhiannon, Y9, Ridgewood: "I want to read Shadow Goblins now I have acted it out. It is so funny and will be amusing to read"

Jessica S, Y8, Don Valley: "This workshop has opened my eyes to lots of different books which before today I didn’t want to read. I actually can’t wait to start reading all the different books"

Lauren, Y7, Don Valley: "I wouldn’t have read Doctor Who but I think I would now."

Casey, Y8, Don Valley: "I would like to read all 7 of them because they all sound good and I am looking forward to reading them all."

All in all, the day was a great success!!!

Fiona, Y10, Don Valley: "I really enjoyed today."

Clayton, Y7, Ridgewood: "I thought today was very good and enjoyable."

Hollie, Y8, Don Valley: "I really enjoyed today as I explored books through a different perspective and it made me want to read them."

Luke, Y7, Ridgewood: "I thought it was great today. My favourite book is Teacher’s Dead and I liked the drama, it was brilliant."

Enough said!
Lyn Hopson
Secretary DBA

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Photos from the trip to Cusworth Hall on 22 December 2008

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