RUN Dance Move Cast Dance Workshop Celebrates Rap “Cos That’s The Way It Is”...

In preparation for our poetry event at the Dome in June, eager dancers arrived at Cast to work on a piece to be performed in front of all the attendees.

Led by dance master Chloe, children were given a rigorous warm up and told what was expected of them on the “big day”.

A lot of the children hadn’t met before, but this didn’t hold them back in making new friends and completely throwing themselves into the dance. The piece chosen was a “rap” by RUN DMC featuring Jason Nevins, the perfect piece to reflect the poetry element of our event, and also a good start to DBA’s next theme of non-fiction!

Children were positioned and directed by Chloe, and even given chance to choreograph their own sections with emphasis on “attitude”…it was safe to say that they all “owned the stage”!

Parents arrived after 5 hours virtually non-stop rehearsing and were truly impressed by what they saw!

Well done to all involved and in particular to Chloe and the welcoming staff at Cast.

The video shows Chloe demonstrating the steps, please feel free to learn them if you are attending the event on the 12th…you may get an opportunity to join in the fun!

Lesley Hurworth

Chair DBA

Photos from the event

Chloe's Video

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