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Shadow Wave

Shadow WaveMore suitable for teenage readers
by Robert Muchamore

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Abby from Year 8, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

Shadow Wave is about a secret organisation called CHERUB which
use children that are orphans or have been put into foster care
and they use them as spies, as no one is going to suspect a
child of spying on them. The main characters in this story, I
would say were James Adams, Kyle Blueman, Lauren Adams and
Kerry Chang. This CHERUB story is set in England specifically
London. I would say this book is an adventure story and in some
parts of the book it can be quite thrilling. I think the
opening sentence really intrigues the reader as all it says is
CHERUB is part of British Intelligence basically and as I
haven't read any of the other CHERUB books I really wanted to
know more about CHERUB. Shadow Wave is all about a mission that
James Adams is meant to go on as his last mission with CHERUB,
but he pulls out as his friend Kyle (an old CHERUB agent) has
had some issues with a person called Tan Abdullah and the
mission is to befriend and look after his children. The problem
Kyle has with Abdullah is; Tan was once the Governor of
Langkawi (an island in Malaysia) and Kyle went to help out with
some basic training for the younger CHERUB recruits and there
was a tsunami shadow wave that destroyed a village where Aizat
lived. Aizat met Kyle when Kyle got to Langkawi, he also drove
the boat to the island that Kyle was on. After the shadow wave
Tan kicked everyone out of the village to build a hotel there
and as Kyle is Aizat's friend he didn't want James to help Tan.
But Lauren Adams (James' little sister) did want to go, so
James put a locator in her phone that would tell him where she
went so he could sabotage the mission. Lots of people helped
James and Kyle, like Helena Bayliss (Guilt Trips worker who had
a child with Aizat), Hugh Verhoeven (retired TV reporter with a
grudge) and Bruce Norris (CHERUB agent.) I did find two things
disappointing but I will only say one as I don't want to give
the ending away, but I will say when it goes back and forth in
time it can get confusing. I think this book will appeal to
both girls and boys that are in there teens, it is a really
good book I would recommend it to friends.

Marks out of 10: 7

Beth from Year 8, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

Shadow Wave is a really great book that I would recomend to
older Readers and people who like action. The story is about
spies working for an agency and one of the spies' last mission.
This book never has a dull moment and it keeps you hooked
until the end.

Marks out of 10: 9

Imogen from Year 7, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

Shadow wave is an action and adventure story, starring James
Adams: a 17 year old CHERUB agent and faithful Arsenal fan, and
Kyle Blueman: a retired agent with a lot of experience and a
plan that’s bound to end up in disaster...
The CHERUB organisation recruits orphaned children: who would
expect an 11 year old boy actually being a master in the dojo,
or a 14 year old girl truly identified as a computer genius.
These children are moulded gradually, all the way to black
shirts- the ultimate mission rank.
A massive tsunami in Malaysia causes vast devastation,
destroying the picturesque scene of white beaches and
decorative beach huts, replacing it with stilt, artificial sand
and unwanted hotel resorts, much to Aizat’s disgust.
Aizat is a mature local teenager at the village, holding many
responsibilities like driving in tourists and generally being
the one to go to for advice. He was evacuated with his sister
Wati and his grandma from the glorious beach huts into houses
that look like they are made of Lego bricks; plastic and cold.
Kyle went on a mission to Malaysia where he met Aizat, wanting
to help him in his time of need after Tan Abdullah (The
‘leader’ of the island) had thrown everyone out of their
homes, into an evacuation station in the middle of the jungle.
Some people weren’t bothered by this, but what good is a
fisherman living miles away from the sea?
This agitates Aizat very much, so much in fact that he loses
his mind and gets thrown into jail after he severely insults
Tan Abdullah- the governor in charge of destroying the beach
huts and replacing them with the hotel resort, using the
tsunami as an excuse to throw everybody out.
After a time shift, James received his last mission request (he
is getting close to retirement.), to look after Tan
Abdullah’s children, not much of a mission but he is
willing... until Kyle steps in. Kyle has a plan of his own.

James has to choose between being loyal to CHERUB and being
loyal to his oldest friend.
I really enjoyed this book, there was a lot of foul language
but I wasn’t very bothered by it because it emphasized all of
the dialogue; it made the story just a little bit closer to
My favorite character was Aizat, he was courageous and wasn’t
afraid to get his hands dirty. I would recommend this book to
older readers and action lovers: this book has mature language
and another surprise around every corner.

Marks out of 10: 8

Kalli from Year 6, Conisbrough Morley Place Junior School:

I would recomend this book to a quater of my freinds and thats
it because i dont think it was very good at all

Marks out of 10: 9

Eleanor from Year 7, Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College:

Right then, what can I say about Shadow Wave? Well, my opinion
might not be really big since I only got half way through it
because I didn't have enough time for it!!!!

If I did have time, I would have read the whole thing because I
was sooo interested, which is suprising for me since adventure
books are not my type!

I can't really judge on who is my facve charectar is because I
have mixed feelings for all of them. One time I might fall in
love with one, the next I could just say to them "Well, you
deserved it mate!!!". One day I could want to punch one in the

The only reason why I gave it a Seven out of Ten is because I
didn't have chance to read it. As gripping and as thrilling as
it was, it was too big for me to read in the time that I was
given by my mother. So, I'm afraid to say that I'm glad it
wasn't shortlisted. If it was on the DBA awards again next year
and I was given another chance to read it, I would!!!!

Marks out of 10: 7

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